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With each new phase of our lives, we are presented with the opportunity to create a life that is rich and complete. Our lives are shaped by the layers of our experiences and are enriched by those around us. As I move through the phases of my life, I am increasingly grateful for and inspired by the women who have crossed my path.

This series of simple images has been created to give these moments a voice. To acknowledge the generations of women that came before, who set the foundation upon which we've grown, and those who we aspire to influence. For the friendships which give us comfort and support and the celebrations which acknowledge our presence in the world. For those who provide support, rising up to meet challenges and graciously embracing outcomes. And for the moments where the small form in our arms reassures us of the value of unconditional love.

I have encased these simple wire forms in glass and hope that they will encourage us all to find the grace in our lives and to value our presence in the world.

- Barb

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